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Hey my lovely Timblr Freaks  i got something special to show you just now i was doing some chores like always for my dear mother i have been outside under the sun for 3 hours non stop no breaks no water its 1:40 so i decided to take a lil rest in the shade and drink some water ,i said to my self 5 or 10 minutes tops and ill go back to doing my chores my mom saw m sitting i i said to her in my polite and cheerful voice ” im taking a break :D ”  to my surprise she came towards me and told me to gt up so i did and i said ” mom what’s the matter ?”  she started to curse and hit me for no reason saying im worthless and gay and i should have died  so im thinking what the hell did i do wrong now but before i could do anything she picks up the metal rake and hits me in the face with it since i i saw this coming i just moved my face but i was not fast  enough  they dont look that deep now but they were bright red a few minutes ago she nearly missed my eye and i ran to the  bathroom to wash my face and check if i was hurt thats when i saw tthem on my face so i decided to post it here since if i post it on facebook ppl will say i deserve it or be man enough to hold it it  but whatever this si proof that im not joking when i say my mom beats me or treats me like a peace of shit :D hope u enjoy this thing i dont care if you dont read it most of you dont care anyway xD

  1. scoob82 said: Oh hugs man That is complete bullshit that you are treated this way. My heart goes out to you
  2. janainoka said: Your mom is hardcore.
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  4. fullmetalcub said: Dude I’m sorry she did that *hug*. You don’t deserve that, you are an awesome guy :).
  5. mrgeekster said: This is really wrong. How can she behave you like that.
  6. acowardlylion said: why the fuck are you still there?
  7. adorkacubby said: Damn, man. I’m sorry she does stuff like that to you. I agree, that shit is not ok.
  8. dickondemand said: Not ok. Im sorry =..
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